Armen P. Klujian, Media City Toastmasters Club President,  Officer; Mtg Servicing Specialist III, Global Technology & Operations – Mortgage and Vehicle Servicing Operations, Bank of America

I’ve known Tamala since 2009 when I joined my first Toastmasters club.  I quickly realized, how valuable of a person she was to the club.  Tamala has a wonderful ability to make those around her feel comfortable.  Her strong sense of empathy and ability to bring a group of people together and communicate a common goal are only the tip of the iceberg in her abilities as a leader.

Tamala has a natural sense of what can be done to make something or someone be better at what they are doing.  Her evaluations at the club meetings are always aimed to step the speaker up to their next level in improving their speaking skills.

As Tamala started moving up the ranks through the district, I discovered how important integrity was to Tamala.  She always came through and did what she said she would do, she is a woman of her word. Her organization skills are at the level one would need for her role as International Director.