Michael Schaefer, DTM – Warner Brothers Toastmasters, 2009 Toastmaster of the Year, District 46

I met Tamala Takahashi during the contest season three years ago at an area contest when she was immediate past District Governor (Director). She was serving as Sargeant At Arms for an evaluation contest in which I was participating. She struck me immediately as warm and engaging. In our short conversation she put me at ease and made a clear impression on me as someone with whom I wanted to stay in contact. Over the time I’ve been a Toastmaster transplant here in Los Angeles, I’ve found Tamala to be one of the pillars the holds up the roof of District 52. She is everywhere, lending her professionalism and deep knowledge of TI. When they coined the aphorism ‘If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person,’ they had someone like Tamala in mind. She’s the reason I joined a second club, the reason I volunteered to be a Pathways Ambassador and my resource for getting that last minute arcane question answered with authority. Some people may wear the hat of a Toastmaster, but she walks the walk in her Toastmaster boots every day. And when she asks, I’m happy to storm the barricades for her. Please consider my full-throated endorsement of Tamala for director, you couldn’t do better.